Esther Miranda

Der Künstler thumb

"All my work is a self-portrait, so are the series of the city and the people and so is this new series of the "inner sea". This sea is part of my biography, the Mediterranean of my childhood (in Spain) and the North Sea of my youth (in Germany). These seas, one transparent and luminous, the other powerful and enigmatic, are the seas I carry within me. Now I live and work in Andalusia (Spain), close to the Mediterranean, Mare Nostrum, which links me to Greece, to Italy, which shaped the West and which brought through its waves the taste of the East and which united us in spite of our differences, giving us a common culture.

Perhaps today the sea weighs on me more than its cultural role, its role in climate change, its power of destruction, but at the same time and above all its power of regulation, of healing, of clean energy, of future…

I look at the sea and I see its strength, its power and I try to unravel its truth in my paintings, diving into my intuitions and allowing myself to break the form, letting the rational analysis leave its place to the pure image."

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